Thomas Teague has worked in the tugboat industry since 1974 when he was hired as a deckhand. A respected captain who now commands a tugboat in the New York Harbor, Captain Teague has assembled a collection of stories of his adventures onboard when he first started out titled “Tales from a Tugboat Captain.”

tugboat captain
Captain Tom Teague.

Entertaining and informative, the book tells how Teague got started in the tugboat industry and gives an inside look into what life is really like aboard a tugboat. The author tells funny stories with colorful characters he has met in his career from deckhand to captain, from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico and back, working in all types of weather and the dangers that tugboat crews face. There’s even a true story of survival. 

Teague began his career in the marine transportation industry when he acquired a full-time job as a deckhand on a tugboat in 1974. In 1976, he obtained his first USCG license as Operator of Uninspected Towing Vessels Less than 200 Gross Registered Tons Upon Near Coastal Waters. This license, along with receiving two years training in the wheelhouse of a tugboat, proved that he had the skills and qualifications needed to be promoted to a mate’s position. The author’s first command as captain was aboard a single-screw railroad tugboat. He has upgraded his license several times since then. 

Currently, Captain Teague is licensed by the USCG as Master of Self-Propelled Vessels of Less Than 1600 Gross Registered Tons Upon Oceans and Master of Towing Vessels Upon Oceans and Western Rivers. His credentials have been evaluated by the USCG, and he is qualified for continuing recognition as a Designated Examiner for assessment of competence of candidates for towing vessel licenses. 

Teague has many stories of his adventures at sea and enjoys sharing them, especially with people who love tugboats. He resides in Maryland with his wife, Betty. 

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