It’s once again time for PropTalk’s August Cover Contest! But we’re doing something a little different this year—we’re opening the submissions to all things powerboating on the Chesapeake Bay. While we love our boat dogs and they can certainly still be entered, we also welcome photos of smiling Bay boaters, shiny powerboats, watersports, powerboat racing, and anything in between.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Submit your photo in the form below by June 25. (ONE PHOTO PER PERSON)
  • This is a powerboating magazine so while we love sailboats and paddlecraft, a powerboat must be clearly visible in the photo to be considered for the cover.
  • Vertical photos work best, with room for our header and cover lines.
  • Only high-resolution (i.e. not blurry) photos will be considered for the cover.
  • If a child is pictured, make sure he or she is wearing a lifejacket (properly), or we won’t consider it for the cover.
  • Once the submission period has ended, our graphic design team will disqualify any photos that do not meet our printing or submission requirements (any images that are too low of a resolution, are blurry or too dark, if a child was pictured without a lifejacket, if there is no powerboat in the photo, and if there was not enough room in the image for our PropTalk header, footer, and cover lines). 

Voting Rules:

  • Once the submission period has ended, voting will begin. This year, voting will run June 26 through July 5.
  • You may only vote once, so make sure to share the contest with friends and family and share it on your social media to get more votes for your favorite photo. By voting, participants will be subscribed to our monthly email newsletter. You may opt out at any time.
  • All photos will be eligible for voting, except those that do not meet our guidelines and/or printing requirements above. 
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Invalid emails will not be counted towards the total vote.
  • At the close of voting, the photo with the most votes will grace PropTalk's August cover.
cover contest
This year we're opening cover contest submissions to all things powerboating on the Chesapeake Bay.