It’s hard to believe that something the size of your cell phone can jumpstart your boat, car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV battery. Check out the Weego Jump Starter Battery+, a portable battery solution recently launched to the marine market. 

The Weego can jumpstart your boat, car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV battery!

“Dead batteries at best ruin your day and at worst put you in a tight spot,” said Gerry Toscani, Weego CEO. “Our small, high-powered Weego Jump Starters are perfect for boaters. They recharge in as little as an hour and a half.”

Weego also charges phones, tablets, speakers, and other USB devices, and each model includes jumper cables that can be attached to the terminals of a dead battery. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the back of each Weego for quick reference. A built-in LED flashlight assists in low-light situations, and a strobe with SOS function (on the two larger capacity models) draws on-the-water or roadside attention if needed. 

Weego Jump Starters are offered in three sizes: the JS6 Standard is capable of starting gas engines up to 4.6L and diesel engines up to 2.4L ($99.99); the JS12 Heavy Duty can easily start gas engines up to 6.4L, diesel engines up to 3.2L ($129.99); and the JS18 Professional can start gas engines greater than 6.4L and up to 4.8L diesels ($189.99). 

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