The Super Boat International (SBI) 37th Annual Key West World Championship ran November 5-12 in Key West, FL, with a dramatic powerboat crash occurring on the second day of racing. The exact moment of the crash was caught on film. Amazingly no injuries were reported.

Powerboat CT Marine, driven by Andy Strobert and throttleman Billy Moore, "climbed over the rear part of powerboat CMS." CT Marine then flew into the air and flipped over, landing in the water. Both crew members were thankfully able to exit through the bottom escape hatch unharmed.

Key West World Champions (unofficial results):

Superboat Unlimited

  1. Miss Geico
  2. Team CRC Sunlight Supply
  3. Wake Effects
  4. Jesses Ranch
  5. Lucas Oil Silverhook
  6. Freedom
  7. CMS
  8. CT Marine


  1. Performance Marine Center
  2. WHM Motorsports
  3. Stihl
  4. M Con
  5. Pro Floors
  6. Cleveland Construction

Superboat Extreme

  1. AMH Construction Instigator

Superboat Vee

  1. LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness
  3. Mr. Technology
  4. Phantom
  5. Sun Print
  6. Buy the Keys
  7. Stihl
  8. Team Octane
  9. Sheriff Lobo

Superboat Stock

  1. Shadow Pirate
  2. FJ Propeller
  3. CR Racing
  4. Curry Refrigertion & Air
  5. Specialty Marine Center

Manufacturer #3

  1. 2nd Amendment USA
  2. The Developer
  3. Halcyon Connect
  4. Simmons Marine.Com

Manufacturer 4

  1. Team Allen Lawn Landscaping
  2. Reinforcer
  3. JRJ Const Team Woody