This spring, I decided to “cut the cord” with my factory-installed tethered kill switch and install a FELL Marine wireless kill switch. Well let’s be honest, I rarely if ever used the old factory installed kill switch like many of you reading this article. This new technology allows the operator the freedom to move around the boat while still providing the safety of shutting down the engine(s) if the operator is ejected from the boat.

Travis Long (R) wearing the MOB+ while fishing with his father, Ed Long. Photo courtesy of Travis Long

This freedom of movement is what sets this unit apart from the traditional kill switch and allows a fisherman engaged in trolling to move around the boat while setting lines or netting a fish. Or a light tackle fisherman running and gunning in schools of summertime breakers. A question that I get very often from friends aboard my boat is “what happens if you fall in; can we start the boat and come get you?” If the operator or anyone wearing an MOB falls into the water, the engine will shut off, and the base unit will beep and flash a warning light for six seconds. At this point anyone can start the boat and pick up the ejected operator. The unit also comes equipped with two overrides of the kill switch.

Installation is fairly simple, and the company provides wiring diagrams for all major engine manufacturers on their website. I choose to get my unit installed by the folks at Annapolis Boat Sales on Kent Island. Since, I have installed the units, I have worn the kill switch for every single trip. This is something that I could not say in the past. I feel that this unit provides a good deal of safety at a very affordable price. Learn more at by Travis Long

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