I realize only a few dedicated will attempt cold weather fishing in February, but there are those of us that do need to be prepared for the cold weather we will face. 

cold weather fishing
The author decked out in his full winter fishing regalia. Photo by Roger Burnley 

Dressing for a tog or cod trip in February begins with a bottom layer of long underwear. New fabrics have replaced the itchy wool models our grandparents wore. 

Next, I put on my heavy blue jeans. These are an old pair that, should they come into contact with fish slime or clam juice, it will only improve their essence. A chamois shirt goes on next. It comes from the same bin as the blue jeans.

The next layer is a pullover shirt from Columbia that my son Ric gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It is lined with some sort of silver material that holds in the body heat.

Finally, I have a heavy hooded sweatshirt that goes on over everything else. This cuts the cold and wind out pretty well.

Fishing is a wet operation and, in the winter, that wet is also very cold. Spray from the sea or water off of fish can quickly soak through most material. But not rubber. I have a set of Grunden foul weather bibs and a pullover jacket. I know there are newer materials out there and I have seen folks wearing them on fishing boats, but my Grundens have been with me for a long time and replacing them with the new stuff would set me back at least a grand.

Neoprene gloves and rubber boots finish off my winter fishing outfit.

By Eric Burnley