Harvester’s aim is to unite hunters, anglers, and shooting sports enthusiasts using their combined passion for the great outdoors. As an industry-wide centralized resource, Harvester will strive to grow participation in hunting, fishing, and shooting, as well as showcase the wildlife and habitat conservation efforts funded by the industry. 

Harvester is a new virtual media platform dedicated to sportsmen and women. 

Unique, personal profiles connect each member to other outdoor enthusiasts, regional charters and guides, conservation groups, affiliations, and retailers all related to outdoor recreation. Daily posts, videos, photos, and articles fill an ongoing feed as new and exciting experiences are shared, tips and tricks are uncovered, industry news and reports are disclosed, new products are announced, and celebrations of outdoor sporting hobbies are spotlighted. Destinations are front and center in order to highlight their desirable locations for the next planned experience; providing first-hand insights on where to go, what to use, and when is best.  

Today, sportsmen and women are the largest supporters of wildlife conservation, providing more than $1.5 billion annually through federal and state restoration programs. “To us it is simple. There is an obvious need to grow the hunting and fishing community,” said Ben Isenberg, founder of Harvester. “The funding and support is critical to managing our public natural resources. However, recruitment has been an issue and we feel the voice of the industry is fragmented across too many digital platforms.” 

A common practice on other content platforms, Harvester does not rely on an algorithm that promotes content based on the company’s business objectives.  “At Harvester, we want club members to decide what content to follow and see,” said Isenberg. “Club members can monitor and engage with content based on their preferences as all content can be tagged and monitored by species, locations, brands, and even gear type. Members can dive deep into their passion, yet also easily access industry wide initiatives, policy updates, conservation efforts, tournaments and events, and new hunting, fishing, and shooting opportunities.” 

Harvester is free and without limits. Start sharing, exploring, and connecting today. Sign up at: harvester.club. See you in the club.