We came across this story recently and were so inspired, we had to share. This account was shared on Facebook by Captain Brad Foxwell of Chesapeake Fishing Adventures:

Brad Foxwell (right) with Bobby Arndt.

"In July, I came across Bobby Arndt’s Facebook post on a crabbing/waterman facebook page. He was sharing his 14-year-old son Robert Edward Arndt’s original post where his son asked to lease or purchase a commercial crabbing license. 

"It struck me in a positive way. I admired a 14-year-old putting himself out there knowing there would be adults that would snicker, laugh, and roll their eyes at such an idea as a 14-year-old wanting to purchase a commercial crabbing license. I love to see kids 'hustling.' Credit, most times, goes to the parents for instilling such great life lessons. Nothing in life is easy or free, and this young man 'gets it.'

"Later that same day, I saw Walter Feick was advertising his 50-pot commercial license for sale. I and several others connected Walter and Bobby. 

"I put on the Facebook post that I would chip in $100 toward the young man’s commercial crabbing venture, and I said I bet others would join me.  

"Well, a deal was struck with Walter, and Robert got his very own commercial crabbing license at 14 years of age. 

"That morning I visited Robert and his family and had the ultimate pleasure of handing him $1400 from 14 strangers. Strangers that simply wanted to help a young man chase his passion. Strangers that appreciated the young man’s humility and determination. 

"Random Acts of Kindness make this world a better place."

Thank you to the folks that chipped in:

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