Keeping your hands warm while fishing during the winter is paramount to enjoying the experience. I have had the unfortunate experience of trying to fish and hunt with cold, wet hands, and it is something I do not wish to repeat. A pair of Glacier Gloves will keep your hands warm when fishing in cold weather. My personal solution is a pair of Glacier Gloves. These rubber gloves act like a wet suit and once they get wet, somehow they keep your hands warm. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it works. Cuda makes three different types of fishing gloves. These are Offshore, Wire Handling, and Bait Cutting. These gloves are constructed of Kevlar and all have touch-screen tips in the thumb and index fingers. This feature allows you to control your electronic device without removing your gloves. The Offshore Model is made with extra padding that should keep your hands dry in most situations. The Bait Cutting model has extra protection against cuts. Another method for keeping warm hands is the HotHands-2 hand warmer. This product is used inside your gloves and will stay warm for up to 10 hours. You remove the pouch from its protective package, shake the pouch to combine the ingredients, and then allow the chemical action 15 to 30 minutes to heat up. Once they are warm put the pouches in your gloves, and you are all set. I have used this product while goose hunting on the coldest days, and they really do the job. At one point in my less than illustrious career I decided to wear a pair of those rubber gloves folks use to protect their hands from harsh chemicals. They did keep my hands dry, but not warm. As the water on the rubber gloves evaporated the result was a pair of very cold hands. For more fishing tips, advice on where to go fishing, and a list of charter guides, click to by Eric Burnley