Neocean has designed the Overboat, a personal electric hydrofoiling catamaran made in France. With the Overboat, you will be able to fly above the water, safely, silently, and with no harm for marine life. Throughout the summer, the first Overboats were made available for rent to a large audience in “Foil Sensation,” a nautical base in the southern region of Hérault, France. Success came quickly. 

hydrofoiling catamaran
The Overboat offers everybody the possibility of hydrofoiling with zero emissions and zero noise. Photo courtesy of Neocean 

Operating the Overboat is easy and offers everybody the possibility of hydrofoiling with zero emission and zero noise, both elements harmful for marine life. Four electronically controlled hydrofoils ensure the boat full stability. These are foldable, allowing beach starts and easy dockings with no need for previous training.

There are several models to choose from: The Overboat 100-foiler single-seater is intuitive and easy to pilot, fun, green, quiet, light (220 pounds), and compact (10.2 feet). The Classic model is also soundless and electric but does not have hydrofoils. This simpler but still maneuverable and fun version is ideal for inland waters where speed is restricted. She reaches a top speed of eight knots and should reach a different audience with a more affordable price than the Overboat 100-Foiler.

The Overboat 150-Foiler (two-seater) is slightly bigger. Her more powerful motor (8kW) makes her reach a top speed of 20 knots. It is a range-extended version intended for a professional use and more autonomy.

The Overboat is a technical achievement because of her high efficiency 4.5kW electric pod motor, which is fitted with a ducted propeller and ensures high efficiency and minimal noise. The boat reaches a speed of 15 knots quietly and with no wake. An electronic onboard system controls the entire boat and guarantees the stability of the flight by piloting the hydrofoils. Designed as a drone, she can be remoted controlled. 

Neocean was created in 2019 by Vincent Dufour, a seasoned sailor who specializes in innovative startups. The Overboat has been awarded the Environment Ministry’s Greentech Innovation label both for environmental excellence and economical sustainability. Models start at $13,500 euros or about $15,700. Learn more at