Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic Charter Fishing Guide

Welcome to our Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic Fishing Charters, Guides, and Head boats page, where you'll find a directory of professional guides, charter boats, and head boats to get you started on your quest for the perfect fish.


Capt. Monty's Morning Star
Capt. Monty Hawkins, 410-520-2076
Ocean City, MD

Judith M Fishing
Ocean City, MD

Upper Bay

Drizzle Bar Charters
Capt. George Bentz, 410-428-7110
Pasadena, MD

Middle Bay

Backdraft Charter Fishing
Capt. Charlie Sisson, 301-752-3535
Tracys Landing, MD

Ebb Tide Charters
Capt. Billy Gee, 410-703-2549
Deale, MD

Hot Lick Charters
Capt. Marcus Wilson, 301-785-1199
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Lead Dog Charters
Capt. Joe Arkuszeski and Capt. Bob Baker, 410-643-7600
Stevensville, MD

Mary Lou Too
Capt. Dave Mogel & Capt. Rich Mogel, 443-865-7937
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Miss Edie Fishing Charters
Capt. Mike Cassidy, 410-279-3358
West River, MD

Obsession 45 Sportfishing Charters
Capt. Bobby "Mack" McCormack
Deale, MD

Patent Pending Charters
Capt. John Whitman, 410-703-3246
Deale, MD

Penny Sue Charters
Capt. Mike Smolek, 443-280-4410
Edgewater, MD

Stormy Petrel Charters
Capt. Steve Goins, 443-223-2218
Deale, MD

Tricia Ann II Charter Fishing
Capt. Wayne Schuhart, 301-751-6056
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Lower Bay

Rock Solid Charters
Capt. Kyle Johnson, 240-538-5180
Hollywood, MD
[email protected]

Potomac River

Apex Predators Potomac Creek, LLC
Capt. Mike Sielicki & Capt.Chris Evans
Potomac Creek, 540-408-3113

Tangier Sound

Kingfish II 
Capt. Harry Nield, 443-871-3499
Deal Island, MD

Way South and VA

Blind Date Charter Fishing Trips
Capt. Stan Gold, 757-944-0850
Norfolk, VA