Matthew & Deanna Sansbury

A few years ago, Matthew & Deanna Sansbury developed a serious case of wanderlust. So much in fact, that they decided to sell their house along with all of their belongings, buy a boat and set sail in search of a simpler life.

Matt and Deanna met the old fashioned way - at a bar in college - where she was finishing up her senior year and Matt had returned for a visit after leaving the previous year. It was love at first sight. After just a few dates, they were pretty much inseparable and ready to blindly conquer the world together.

As the months turned into years, they got married, traveled, bought a house, sold a house, bought another house, climbed up in their careers, and had some pretty neat adventures. Matt was a commercial electrician with the IBEW Local 24 and Deanna was working in marketing at Under Armour global headquarters. Things seemed to be going along pretty smooth. Over time, however, they began to realize that while they were busy living, LIFE seemed to be getting away from them. They found themselves glued to their phones and emails with no downtime. Weekends consisted of endless errands and to-do lists of things that didn’t get done during the week. They were stressed out and had just barely scratched the surface of 30. In fact, the only time they felt truly at ease was cruising the bay on their 20' center console. When they spent time on the boat, time seemed to slow down and they could actually enjoy the the moment instead of always worrying about what was next. Matt & Deanna wanted to spend ALL of their time on the water and decided to make the transition to full time live aboard. After lots of planning (and nearly chickening out a few times) they pulled the trigger and sold the house and the majority of their stuff, and bought a 41' catamaran. They spent the next year and a half living aboard in Annapolis, acclimating to life on a boat, getting her ready to go cruising, and actually learning how to sail, which was an adventure in itself!

After a six month sabbatical cruising the East Coast, Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Matt & Deanna returned to the States with a new outlook on life and more excited for the future than ever. They lived in Key West for a year after cruising, not quite ready to jump back into the real world after such an amazing trip. The boat had completely changed the way they wanted to live their lives and hoped to use their experience to help others realize their boating dreams too. Upon their return, Deanna jumped into sales and Matt returned to service as a marine technician, moving over to sales not too long after. They really found their passion as yacht brokers, with Matt focusing on power boats and Deanna with sailboats, and eventually adding power boats. In 2017 Deanna won the Beneteau Top Gun award for most new boat sales in North and South America.

Aside from selling boats, they are members of the Eastport Yacht Club, and volunteer for the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation, the charitable arm of the club that focuses on education and career opportunities within the marine and maritime community. Their latest project is restoring a 17' Casita travel camper with plans to continue the adventure, this time by land.

Since returning from their sabbatical, Matt & Deanna sold the boat and ended up back in the suburbs, this time with their two dogs, an Irishdoodle named Bimini and a Labradoodle names Dodger. Although they no longer have their catamaran, they still get out on the water as often as they can and love that they have the opportunity to help other people realize their own dreams of getting out on the water as well.

Because, after all, life should be about LIVING, right?


Location: Baltimore, MD

Experience: Marine Industry since 2016

Hobbies: Boating,Time with our dogs


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