Bruce Wagner has worked for Coastal Properties Management since 2005 and is currently the vice president. He holds a USCG 100 Ton Masters License and lives in Annapolis.

How did you get your start working in the marina industry?

I’ve worked in the maritime industry for almost 30 years, from operating a bareboat charter fleet and sailing school in Annapolis, to working for international and domestic yacht builders. I was always aware of Coastal Properties Management’s outstanding reputation within the marina management industry, so when a position was offered to me in 2005, I accepted it and am thrilled to be a part of its continued growth.

What would surprise people about what you do?

One of the common misconceptions many people have about managing a marina is how tranquil or stress-free it must be to spend ones time working around boats and the water every day. While it is true that most marinas are located in beautiful, scenic waterfront locations with wonderful features and stunning yachts; the managers and staff are normally far too busy to enjoy such comforts. Don’t get me wrong though, the great locations and these very elements are what often draw people into this job. At the end of the day, it is unquestionably pleasurable to look out one’s office window to a beautiful waterfront view. Sometimes it is these small pleasures that make all the hard work worthwhile.

What do you wish more people knew about running a marina?

Running or managing a marina properly has more challenges than most people would imagine! There have been many recent changes and additions to the governmental regulations and compliance requirements for marina facilities. The managers are spending more time than ever to ensure their facility and staff are in compliance with every environmental and safety regulation, homeland security requirements, collections, and human resources to name just a few. Marina managers work very long, hard hours to create a safe and enjoyable environment for their boat owners and customers.

What’s unique about the marinas Coastal Properties manages?

Coastal manages many different marinas throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Our marinas vary in size, type, and demographic interest, with some offering premium entertainment and dining options or quiet, peaceful settings, and others with quality boat-service and storage facilities. Coastal strives to create a consistent high-quality level of service and amenities throughout its marinas, with excellent staff and proper management.

Do you ever have time to go boating?

I have always enjoyed boating from fishing and cruising, to sailing locally and in the islands. At the moment, my personal vessels are of the “self-propelled” type. I currently own sea kayaks, which I enjoy paddling on the Bay and exploring its many secluded creeks. However, I do get out occasionally with friends and colleagues on larger vessels.

Anything else you would like to add?

The opportunity to work in this industry is one with many benefits and privileges, but also with responsibilities to the aquatic environment which supports our very jobs. Our managers are vigilant to ensure the marinas are always in compliance to protect the waters. We also support marine trades groups, which work to protect and improve the Chesapeake and all the waters we call home. It is up to all of us in the maritime industry, and those who enjoy boating on the water, to be good stewards of the Bay in order to safeguard its quality, so it will be available for future generations to enjoy.