Southern Maryland Boat Club (SMBC), out of Leonardtown, MD, will host the Bash on the Bay July 30-31. The public is invited to come see vintage raceboat demonstrations and meet the drivers.

bash on the bay
Andy Bell of Colton's Point, MD, in another Family "D" class. This is a fun class!

The event will take place at Leonardtown Wharf. For drivers and organizers, registration and inspections will take place July 29. For the public, the heats will be held July 30 and 31. 

Saturday and Sunday will include a lunch break for the participants in the event. During this time, our spectators are invited into the “cold pits” to view close up the original and beautifully restored former raceboats and have a chance to talk to the drivers of these vintage hulls built and raced during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

SMBC has produced many champion boats and championship drivers both regionally and nationally. Quite a few of the attending crafts were built right in Southern Maryland when this club was a hotbed of innovation and new designs for racing hull modifications. The excitement we present is not true racing, but all the boats will be put through their paces beside boats and drivers of approximate size and horsepower at speeds approaching that of true racing. There are many safety regulations and restrictions in place, so everyone has fun on the course without damaging these examples of racing history. Safety is paramount for our drivers.

Since the Wharf Park is near the center of Leonardtown, there are many other options to enjoy while in the area. Shops, restaurants, and historic sites are within walking distance. Our course is on scenic Breton Bay, and the view from the park of the surrounding countryside is a joy in itself. For our boating friends, we are located at the headwaters of Breton Bay and will have a dedicated anchorage area for your safety and visibility of the course. Learn more on the Southern Maryland Boat Club website.