The 17th annual Boatyard Bar & Grill Spring Fishing Tournament was held on April 21, opening day of Maryland's spring trophy rockfish season. This is a catch, photo, release tournament that supports the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with their "Save the Bay" efforts, helps the CCA-MD protect the fishery, and introduces local kids-at-risk to Chesapeake fishing through the Annapolis Police Department's youth fishing camp. PropTalk and FishTalk were proud sponsors of this event.

No fish are brought in to be measured, the winners are determined from the digital photos of the fish taken next to the Boatyard Measuring Device and logged on the iAngler Tournament app. Dick Franyo, the Boatyard Bar & Grill’s owner and event founder, said, “We started this tournament because everyone was out on the water anyway, so giving them a means to really celebrate the day and help out these important causes caught on.” Franyo added, “We share a passion with anglers for a healthier Bay and preserving the sport of fishing for future generations.” “While prizes donated by our generous sponsors, led by Anglers Sport Center, are important, what the entrants really covet is the winner’s name and outline of fish painted on the rafters of the Boatyard for all time,” said Franyo. “This is what really drives the anglers: knowing that if they win they can bring in family and friends to see their names and fish outlines on the rafters.”


First Place: Rich Vigue, 43.25" on RT2

Second Place AND Female Winner: Sara Brown, 42.5" on Gypsy Danger

Third place AND Youth Winner: Will Muscatello, 40.25" on Freedom